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The fans speak!
The fans speak!

Our occasional trip around the internet to sample some of the topics and opinions being discussed

A two-day Breeders' Cup?

11/12/03... Last week Mark Simon of Thoroughbred Times wrote an opinion piece suggesting that the Breeders' Cup slate of races become a 2-day, Friday/Saturday event. Steven Crist wrote a similar column in the Daily Racing Form this past weekend.

Mr Simon suggested that, "After 20 years, [the Breeders' Cup] needs a facelift." He went on, "How, then, can the Breeders’ Cup reinvigorate itself to attract more media coverage, fan interest, and handle? The suggestion here is to make it a two-day festival... Hosting the event over two days would make it a unique event, and the festival structure would offer a number of advantages." He continued, "Holding the event on two days would increase handle, allow bettors a chance to adjust their selections based on results from the previous day, provide tremendous race coverage in the Saturday newspapers from the Friday races (thus spurring interest in the second day of Breeders’ Cups), and allow time for some reflection on what has transpired. A two-day event also would have a strong appeal to those thousands of people who travel long distances to attend."

Racing fans across the internet have chimed in with their own opinions about a two-day Breeders' Cup...

Opinions from the fans at Pace Advantage:

From fans at the Final Turn forum:

And here's what Derby Listers had to say:


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